Bharatanatyam Workshops by Padmini Upadhay, Oct, Nov.2017


In the month of October/November 2107 workshops for the different levels of students were conducted by Ms. Padmini Upadhay, from Bangalore.

The Beginner group benefitted tremendously from the workshop as the focus was on understanding body kinetics and rhythm patterns in dance. The kids enjoyed and participated with great enthusiasm in the warm up exercises as it made them move, jump, stretch and twist freely. The rhythm session was another fun aspect of the workshop where the kids used claps, stamps, gestures and adavus to learn the patterns.

They even had a go at being different animals using mudras and appropriate body language to be the animal of their choice.

The Medium level had an intensive workshop of three days during which they learnt a javali to experience and explore the different layers of sringara and bhakti, two of the nine emotions (bhava / rasa) found in abhinaya.