Omkara 30 Years Celebrations, 11.Nov.2017


Omkara turned 30 last year – and it was time to celebrate this journey with dance, in dance and through dance, with our new thematic dance presentation – JALA – the best tribute to this journey in dance on Swiss soil. The prospect of presenting a new production with the whole school was daunting at first but the challenge went smoothly as the students were excited, committed and whole heartedly involved. Preparations for the 30th Anniversary Celebrations continued throughout the month of October/ November at various rehearsal venues big enough to accommodate all the students. Rehearsals were intense over the weekends with team spirits high. Assembling all the dancers for their costumes, jewelry, hairdo, makeup was enjoyable, and the students took great pride in getting everything ready for the big day. The senior students were helpful in guiding the younger ones and we also had some ex-students of Omkara volunteering with the logistics of stage props, altar, management of the foyer, food arrangements and cleaning up after the show on the big day. When the big day finally arrived on 11th November 2017 we were ready to enthrall the audience with Jala. The auditorium was packed, not surprising as Omkara shows are much awaited event in Geneva. The pin drop silence throughout the show and gasps of surprise at the quality of the dance, varied styles, amazing props and the strong message that JALA was able to transmit to the audience was proof that we had achieved our goal: awareness towards the conservation and preservation of our most precious natural recourse ‘Water’. A Big Bravo to all the students for their commitment and hard work.