World Meditation Day, 15.May.2018


On Tuesday 15 May, Omkara celebrated World Meditation Day with an evening reflection led by Frank, an inspiring and knowledgeable yoga teacher well known in Geneva. We were pleased to welcome familiar faces from the Omkara family, as well as serious yoga practioners who wanted to learn meditation techniques – and had the chance to explore throughout the evening, best sitting postures and mudras for increasing good energy flow. We learnt three small meditation techniques: 1. observing the breath and trying breath from deep within our bellies. 2. focusing on the ‘vam’ mantra, the Sanskrit root syllable for water associated with the Swadishtana Chakra. This mantra, invoking the water element, was accompanied by thunder and heavy rain as we all collectively chanted silently along with our breathing! 3. watching our minds move from the past , present and future with ourselves as the object of focus. When done over a period of time, this meditation technique triggers memories stored deep within our selves that have not been resolved, helping us confront issues. The evening was a success as everyone enjoyed practicing different meditation techniques, learning that the observation of self is powerful to heal and grow. As always, Omkara gave out a healthy and Satvic snack of fresh fruits and nuts to attendees.