Ahimsa, Oct 2018


In October this year, our director Sujatha was given an unique opportunity to be the dance choreographer for a musical put up by the International School of Geneva (La Grand Bossiere)

Titled Ahimsa, the production spoke of the Kashmir conflict and how two young girls of different faiths and views cross paths and share their passion for dance.

Featuring songs from the Bollywood movie Lagaan, the dancing was exhilarating and fun. The kids were enthusiastic from start to finish and learnt their dances with AHIMSA fervour. By the end, everyone developped AHIMSA fever as the rehearsals schedule intensified leading up to the performance premier.

“For me it was a great experience working with the different teachers from the theatre/music departments and in the vibrant school environment. The kids were wonderful and put in a great deal of effort to learn their dances. Some of them in the higher grades struggled to have their course work completed on time during the rehearsals but they took it in their stride. An experience full of beautiful moments I will never forget.” – Sujatha Venkatesh

The show was a huge success, with a full house and standing ovations applauding the brilliant work done by the students, theatre and music teachers, independent choreographers, assistants, stage mangers, costumes coordinators, decorators and food caterers.